To maintain a service like (and its associated API, Gapple), there are costs involved. To help support the website, we are opening up donations for the website.

As a thanks for donating, provided you follow the steps below, you will get a donor emoji on your account. An example of this emoji can be viewed here.

We only accept donations in cryptocurrency. Our addresses are:

ETH: 0xb3A6E285087B525F9041a339Bb2402670Df9Aa17

BTC: 1MCUNbkePp7xw2ctxVGR7jr38w5Rjwsisf

If the cryptocurrency you want to send isn't listed here, please email lucky @ and you will get an address to send your preferred cryptocurrency to.

To get an emoji, you MUST email lucky @ with the TXID of your payment and your UUID. If you do not do this, you will not get an emoji.

Thank you for donating to the website and supporting us!