About / FAQ

Q: Who made this?

A: 88 and Faav.

Q: Can you remove my username history / personal information / etc?

A: Our website does not store any data ourselves, and instead fetches results from Mojang’s own public API as well as third-party APIs that make use of Mojang’s API. In order to remove personal information, please contact Mojang by doing so here. Please note that Mojang's policies are very strict for information removal.

Q: I want my creation date removed. It's not stored through Mojang, so where can I get this done?

A: Please email ashcon @ partovi.net, as we use Ashcon's API to fetch creation dates for users.

Q: Why can't I see everyone with a certain cape or skin, or all capes on an account?

A: We don't cache data on Minecraft profiles. We serve it exactly how it appears in Mojang's API. Mojang doesn't give lists of users with skins or capes, and doesn't show all capes on an account, only the one that is currently enabled.

Q: How do I edit my social media?

A: We fetch your social media links through the Hypixel API. Edit the links through the in game menu when playing Hypixel.

Q: Can I see user activity on other servers?

A: Use the websites of these servers to view the activity. mcuserna.me has no plans to add user activity from other servers.

Q: What is PHD / MSA / etc?

A: PHD means “Pseudo Hard-Deleted”, a term used to describe accounts that show up in some parts of Mojang’s API but not others. The usernames of PHD accounts can’t be claimed but they also don’t appear tied to an account. MSA means “Microsoft Account”, which is pretty self explanatory.

Q: Why do some users have emojis?

A: Emojis are given out for free to users who have contributed to the website, or friends of the owners. They may also be given to Mojang employees or notable figures in the Minecraft community. You may also donate cryptocurrency for a donor emoji on the website.

Q: How do I donate?

A: Visit our donations page.

Q: I think I found a bug with the website. How do I report it?

A: Visit our security page and follow the instructions there.

Q: What information do you store on Minecraft users?

A: Nothing. We don’t cache users, although we plan to do this in the future. Users can opt-out of caching per search once this feature is added.


We are not affiliated with Mojang, Minecraft, Microsoft, Twitter, OptiFine, LabyMod, Hypixel, or any of the above entities or corporations.